About Dominion Systems

Dominion Systems was established in 1989 and is locally owned and operated. We have extended our services to customers in 37 states and 5 countries. We have been at the forefront of the information technology revolution and have seen a great deal of changes over the last 34 years. Our experience factor is decisive in computers, networking, accounting and business management. We provide both innovative and customized solutions for our customers, while adhering to industry standards for security and stability that are endorsed worldwide.

Our strategy and approach are founded on our credentials: we provide technology and knowledge combined with decisive action to support our customer base and keep our clients happy. We deliver results today that endure tomorrow. Our methodologies and solutions are tried, tested, trusted and proven. Your maximum uptime is crucial to our success.

We service and support customers from all walks of life and all vertical markets. Our support is unmatched in terms of speed and accuracy. Call us today and let us develop a plan for you and your business. Let us show you the Dominion difference.

As we have told people many times both locally and away from here. It is not about being able to provide solutions to your customers alone. It is about being able to provide solid solutions to your customers today, tomorrow, next week, next year, and for many years. We have been doing it for over 34 years, day in and day out. We have seen a lot of computer companies come and go in our area over the years. We have seen others come into the area and fail to make an impact. One group stands strong and faithful to their customer base: Dominion Systems. Consistency is key. When customers know you are going to be around, weather any storm, be there for them when they need you…you retain customers and word of mouth will attract new customers. We treat your system like it was our own…the personal aspect is one thing that sets us aside from any and all competition. Being able to see where you and your business needs are going is the strength of a true, solid IT group. Dominion Systems is that group.

Confidence factor…we are very confident in the solutions we provide and the manner in which we provide them. We will put our knowledge and expertise up against anyone, anywhere, anytime. We know our customers and we are eager to prove the Dominion difference to you.

Meet The Team

Jody Meadows

President/CEO and Owner

304-327-7188 x24

Delores Shumate


304-327-7188 x27

Jeremiah Gibson

Purchasing Manager

304-327-7188 x21

Jon Hawes

Computer Systems Engineer

304-327-7188 x25


There are currently no openings, but resumes may be submitted to inquiries@dom-sys.com